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Respect! – where does it start and how can we help

Whilst walking the dog yesterday, I varied my route and ended up walking through a large park on the outskirts of Derby.  It was a lovely summer evening and the park was buzzing with a number of organised and impromptu

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Why more sports clubs should use direct debits…

Until fairly recently, collecting membership fees via Direct Debit was not viable for the majority of clubs due to the lengthy and costly accreditation process.  Thankfully that has now changed and many clubs now benefit from using online solutions without

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14 Cashflow Tips for Small Business

Originally posted on The savvy bookkeeping blog:
SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT 1.    Credit terms Pay suppliers on time (not early or late) and ask for credit terms once you are up and running – essentially giving your business an interest free loan.…

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How do you rank with Google?…. Other search engines are available

Why is it so important to have a high rank on Google or other search engines? Quite simply, if you want to attract new members to your club, then you need to be seen.  To be seen you ideally need

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Drugs scandals – justice for all?

Seb Coe has called for coaches, managers and agents to be banned as well as athletes in the wake of the latest drugs scandal. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment I do worry that we will never be in

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Top 10 tips for Treasurers

With a number of sports about to welcome the new season there may be some newly appointed treasurers about.  Often the role will go to someone with a bit of financial background, but sometimes that person just doesn’t exist within

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A little less conversation!

An extreme way to keep committee meetings short, taking away the chairs could make it even shorter! Hands up if you’ve ever been to a committee meeting that: a) bored you to tears b) over ran by more than an

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