How does your club share best experience with others?

Does your club operate in a silo? By silo I mean an attitude found in some organisations that occurs when several departments or groups do not want to share information or knowledge with other individuals in the same organisation. A silo mentality reduces efficiency and can be a contributing factor to failure of the organisation.

So taking this two ways you can consider whether your club itself has a silo mentality (men’s, ladies and junior sections all being operated by a different committee for example) and whether your club has a silo mentality in terms of working with other sports clubs in the area to share experiences.

Starting at a club level there are so many benefits to sharing best practice you don’t have to delve too far to understand the benefits. It is probably more pertinent to understand the barriers to sharing and start to build bridges (or break down those barriers).  Communication is key and if you do one thing at your next committee meeting to address this, ask a representative from each section of your club to share their top three club management tips with the rest of the group.  This will be interesting for all to hear and should be used as a catalyst for sharing best practice and devising a wider club plan of action.

Externally to the club is more challenging, after all what benefits can be derived from talking to other clubs?

Unfortunately as we don’t all make opportunities to meet with other club administrators in an informal setting we may not be aware that these meetings often do present us with great ideas.  Not only ideas, but what about getting together to arrange training (for example first aid) sharing costs and making this more affordable for all.  Can you capitalise on purchasing power; if a few clubs get together this presents them with a better opportunity to negotiate, for example sports equipment,  bar products, kit suppliers, printing suppliers etc.  Would the promise of advertising exposure to ten clubs provide you with more take up than just one club.  Perhaps you can produce a local member directory listing all local sponsors and capitalise on the fees you charge businesses to advertise in this.

So just one word of encouragement, spread your net a little wider and see what benefits you will get for your club.

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