Finding volunteers; postcode lottery, kudos or a marketing issue?

My local Parkinson’s support group have been looking for a new treasurer for over a year without success.  Despite advertising locally, via the website, twitter, word of mouth and with CSV we have attracted no applicants.  Whilst this could be termed a “specialist” role, I still fail to understand the lack of applicants.  Following the surge of interest in volunteering after the remarkable success of the “Games Makers” London 2012, I would have expected more volunteers, more interest and more enthusiasm.

Let’s face it though, this is not a glamorous role , a rewarding role nor an active role (as in physical).  If this was a treasurer role for the local athletics club or swimming club, would we have had more applicants? If it was volunteer to coach sport on the Island of Bali would we have been inundated with responses?  I sincerely believe so!

Is it our geographical location? Do inner city groups and clubs attract volunteers more easily than small towns and rural groups?

Is it about the activity itself?  Do active sports with spectator opportunities attract more interest than community support groups?  Is it about the kudos associated with the activity?

Or quite simply is this a marketing issue?  We need a volunteer, there are ample volunteers to go round but we are bottom of the list.  Do we just need to step up to the plate and sell this role in a more forceful way?

Whilst it’s back to the drawing board for us (unless any of our Blog readers live in the Long Eaton area and would love a new volunteering role!) it certainly is worth reflecting on your club’s position.  If you need more volunteers what can you do to attract them to your club above all others.  And if you are in the enviable position of having ample volunteers don’t forget a simple thank you goes a long long way to keeping them happy.

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