Fundraising some hints and tips

Surely we all face the same battle each year; with costs of facility hire, transport and kit going up, how can we balance the books without having to charge extortionate fees to our members?

Fundraising can be the most rewarding and enjoyable way of raising the much needed funds either for a specific project or just to help with general running costs of the club.  What’s more, done well it also helps to build the social and communal side of the club; it’s a great way to encourage cross team activity, bringing members of all ages together to participate in a wide range of activities and events.  I have to underline though it has to be DONE WELL…

Here are my top ten tips for fundraising:

  1. Appoint a fundraising secretary – do not underestimate how important this role is, without someone taking the helm all efforts will struggle and the plan will fall down around your ears.
  2.  Set a fund raising target and make sure EVERYONE is aware of it, keep a running total and publicise it on a central notice-board and on the club’s website.
  3. Get a volunteer from each team to work with the fundraising secretary, this role is not hard and involves simple tasks such as passing on information about events, selling tickets and encouraging people to attend the events and activities.
  4. Have a team challenge throughout the year to see which team can generate the most fundraising ideas with a forfeit for the losing team (maybe they have to decorate the changing rooms in the off season, run the bar for the next big event or perform in fancy dress at the AGM!).
  5. Find out more about your members; where do they work, what do their partners/parents do? You may find a number of hidden talents in the ranks, but you almost certainly will find some business owners/ corporate giants who may save you money on printing, food costs, t-shirts etc
  6. Set a calendar of events, too many events is as bad as too few – aim for a broad range of events that will appeal to a wide audience.   Make sure events are varied and don’t always rely on the member dipping into their wallet.
  7. Remember your junior section; you will have so much enthusiasm within this group not just from the kids but also from the parents, make sure you harness this and get them involved too.
  8. Appeal to local businesses, suggest ways in which they could help, maybe they could provide you with raffle prizes, sponsor some signage, advertise in your newsletter or put a poster up in their window promoting your next event?
  9. Get publicity, work the local media – done well this can bring many benefits to your club.  Check out the type of stories covered in your local paper, journalists like the human interest angle, great photo opportunities or unusual activities so think about how your event may appeal to them.  You just need to see how much coverage the two wing walkers have got this week (not that I am encouraging wing walking!)
  10. Utilise an external fundraising opportunity such as easyfundraising where there are hundreds of pounds to be made just by encouraging your members to mention them when shopping online.  This needs to be driven by your fundraising representatives to encourage and remind members (especially around Christmas time when lots of online shopping will take place).


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