You’re in the 3rd team this week….. the importance of the selection conversation

We want to retain our members but one of the biggest reasons for member dissatisfaction is the feeling that they are not playing at the right level or in the right squad.  When a player is “dropped” there are many reasons for this, but if we never have the “selection conversation”, the member may begin to get disillusioned and this is when we are in danger of losing that member to another club.

I want all my members to be happy, but to do this I need the help of others in my club.  I can’t have all the conversations and I don’t have all the answers (much as I wish I did).

So what is your policy relating to selection?  If you are dropping a player, who tells them that they are dropped?  Is this their current captain or does the captain of the team they are dropped to call them, “hi, you’re playing for me on Saturday”.

I worry if it is the latter, because that captain may not be fully aware of the history relating to why that player has been dropped.  If it is the former, their current captain, that provides a much better platform for the conversation.  When planning that discussion it is essential that the coach/team manager are able to contribute so that it is as constructive as possible.

As a player what would I like to hear?

  • How long this is likely to be for?
  • What aspects of my game do I need to work on?
  • What support/coaching is there for me to help me work on any development needs?

It’s useful if all your captains follow the same process and don’t shy away from the “selection conversation”.  Why not discuss this at your next selection meeting and agree the best policy for your own club.

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