So you want your club to be successful – part 4 of 4

Planning for success is an important part of keeping your club active and vibrant. Clubs that plan and have a clear vision are the ones that will survive.  Don’t be put off by this, your vision does not have to be all singing all dancing just a clear idea of where you want the club to be in a few years and how you are going to ensure it gets there.

In my last three posts we have looked at the first three elements of successful planning; preparation, creating the plan and implementation.  Today I want to look at the final element, review and assessment.

For your club this doesn’t necessarily involve a deep and prolonged assessment of all the elements of the plan.  I suggest that you simply go back to your vision and see where you are against each of the goals you set.

You need to look at the following elements:

Budget – did we achieve our goals within budget, if not what was the overspend and what impact does that have on the club?

Time – did we achieve our goals within the desired time frame?  If there are still outstanding goals can you reassess and set an updated time target for achievement?   What is the impact on the club of any uncompleted goal and does it have a knock on consequence for other goals/actions within the plan?

Quality – have we achieved the quality level we desired?  Whether this be a service level or a material addition to the club, it’s worth reviewing whether you are happy with the levels you have achieved.

Communication – how do you feel the plan was communicated to your members?   What feedback if any did you get and how could you improve on communications in the future?

Success – finally look at the success of the overall plan.  Have you achieved what you set out to achieve?

Because some plans are longer term than others, review and assessment may be required as you reach each milestone, or it may be for short term projects you just need to review on completion of the plan.

Planning is important for us all, don’t leave the future of your club to chance, follow our steps to planning success and don’t be shy, let us know how you got on!

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