So you want your club to be successful – part 3 of 4

My last two posts have looked at how as a club you can tackle planning, whether just putting together your long term club plan or planning for something significant for the club; securing funding for new facilities, organisation of a major event etc.  We have covered the first two major phases, firstly preparation and secondly planning.  Now consider the third phase, you are ready, you’ve done your homework, you’ve written your plan, now you must implement the plan.

Now your plan is in place, it is important that it doesn’t sit on the shelf gathering dust.  It is all too easy to start with a bang and finish with a whimper.  For the plan to be successfully implemented you need to maintain momentum.

Sell the idea, get buy-in

It’s important to get the Club members behind the project and driving it forward right from the beginning. This will enable all involved to understand the benefits of the plan, and see how the club will change for the better. Depending upon the importance of the plan to the club there are different ways of communication. For major projects scheduling an EGM may be appropriate, for smaller plans or projects with less impact, briefing to squads/teams, newsletters or website updates are all ways of transferring this message effectively.

Make sure you give someone responsibility for implementing each goal. 

As stated in the planning phase, it is important that although there may be a team looking at each goal you must give one person overall responsibility for implementation. This way not only is everyone then clear of the chain of responsibility but it also it makes monitoring and evaluation much easier too. Don’t forget to allocate a budget, or other necessary resources (including time) to this person so that they can take full responsibility without having to constantly refer back to the main committee.  Make sure each goal owner knows their level of autonomy, what they can decide without having to refer upwards.

Don’t add in unnecessary barriers

If your preparation phase was completed effectively you should have identified barriers to success.  Once the plan is in the implementation phase be careful not to start adding in barriers or allowing negativity to creep in.  If you do experience an unforeseen setback, work closely with your team to identify a solution and amend your plan accordingly.

Add goals to your regular meeting agendas

If you regularly discuss your plan and its goals, things will get done. If one of your objectives is to introduce a Junior Academy, have “Junior Academy” listed as a standing item on your agenda. Allow time for an update on progress from the owner and then invite feedback from attendees.

Celebrate success

Celebrate the small steps along the way. Ensure you let the planning team and the club members know when each change or success is as an outcome of the club plan.  Success is the greatest motivator to keep everyone going and focused on the plan.

Once you have implemented your plan it is tempting to celebrate and sit back basking in the glory.  Yes, by all means feel proud but my next post will touch on your final task, review and assessment.

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