Losing your club data..a disaster waiting to happen?

I am sure most people reading this post will be confident that their club information is safe from a disaster.  But when you come to think of it we hold quite a lot of data as club administrators, both in paper and electronic form.  So consider how you are holding information, who is responsible for backing this data up and who holds passwords or account details for every resource you use.  Most importantly consider what you would do if you lost any of your key data.  Here are just a few examples of data you may be holding:

  • Member details
  • Financial data
  • Match history
  • Club policies and procedures
  • Photographs
  • Fixture lists
  • Minutes

When you start to analyse what is held you may start to get a bit more worried.  Consider whether this is held by one person on a local PC, by a number of people on their own PC’s or do you utilise a number of web based resources to manage and store your data?

Still confident?

Take the following scenario – your membership database is held on a spreadsheet and is updated by the membership secretary on their laptop.  When was that database last backed up?  If their laptop crashed, what contingency plans are in place for recovering the data?  If their laptop was stolen how would you recover the data (and is it securely password protected?)

Make it a point to discuss data security and recovery procedures with key club personnel to ensure you are fully confident that you will never lose any data.

If you utilise web based solutions you are likely to have many more built in safety nets.  When choosing any on-line solutions be sure to check up how often your data is backed up and how easily you can recover data if there ever was an issue.  Take a look around for solutions that suit your club.  There are many on-line options for file sharing where you can deposit your important club documents and allow access to key club members.  Or you can utilise your website as a place for members to access documents, again making sure the website is secure and backed up regularly.  Other solutions include financial management, photo management and sports club specific management solutions.

Then there is also the scenario when a key member of the club leaves and takes all the login and passwords with them.  it is important that you don’t allow one person a monopoly over all your website and storage solutions, because when that person leaves you could leave your club very exposed.  Ensure there are practices in place so that any club resource has two “owners” with full access to login details.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having this discussion at your next committee meeting so you can become supremely confident that no disasters will happen with your club’s data.

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