Inclusive sports clubs or are we ageist?

On surfing the web I came across a Blog by a man recovering from a heart attack.  It was interesting to read his thoughts and in particular his reference to perhaps leaving it too late to live a healthy lifestyle.  What he felt as regret, we should see as an opportunity.  Let’s face it (depending upon the intensity of your sport) in the main there are few reasons why those who are more mature should not be able to get involved in exercising and in a range of sports themselves.

If you consider the benefits exercise and sport can offer, we should be able to sell ourselves easily and embrace areas of the community hitherto not impacted on by clubs within our geographical area.

So to all those who may think it’s too late, ask them “would you like to benefit from…..”

  • Improved confidence
  • A reduction in stress
  • Improved health
  • More social opportunities to meet and interact with others
  • Weight loss and improved body shape

As clubs, whilst we may not require this group of members for our core teams/squads, have you as a club considered broadening your horizons.  With “masters” and “veterans” contests in a wide range of sports, perhaps we could aspire to winning some new silverware next season.  But it’s not just the silverware, (although it’s always great to have some extra success) this group of members will be your most loyal and often your most active in club life. They will offer support to the younger members of the club and often the mix in teams of mature heads and young bodies combines well, offering a more balanced performance.

Don’t shy away from putting on some taster sessions, or join together with some other local clubs to form a regional veterans team, encourage parent’s to come “back to” sport (why stop at parents you could also encourage grandparents).

I myself have played netball against a team including three generations from the same family.  Grandma was shooter, Mum was goalkeeper and Daughter was centre.  What a lovely experience for that family to exercise and socialise together!  I also have a very good friend with 12 grandchildren who still regularly plays league hockey, so that should tell you never write anyone off!

I would encourage you to take a look at your club membership – is it well balanced?  Could you do more outreach and add experience and maturity? I believe this will help your club in more ways than you can imagine.

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