Support for coaches

Support for coaches

I received a linkedin communication today inviting me to take a look at a website dedicated to teachers who coach (  So whilst I’m not a teacher I thought it would be worth taking a look to see what was on offer and thought it would be worth sharing the link with readers of the Blog.

One particular page which is dedicated to coaching tips and lesson plans has a wealth of information covering a wide range of sports.  There are plans relating to many diverse sport including cycling tips, javelin tips from Goldie Sayers, netball defending with and without the ball, coaching the jump shot, tennis shot technique and selection and many more, I believe this could be a great resource for clubs to utilise, so please do take a look and share with your coaching teams.

Do you have an online resource for your club coaches and volunteers to share information and coaching plans?  It is well worth dedicating an area of your website to this and upload videos (or link to videos already on youtube), documents and photographs.  With particular regard to level one coaches and youngsters just starting out, an online resource can help them with their planning.  Even the most experienced coach will always be on the lookout for ways to improve or inject new elements into their sessions and may just pick up one small idea from others within the club.

I hope you find the teachers who coach website informative and can find a way to share your coaching resources with others

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