Embracing our communities

“Join In Campaign”

So as we are all agreed, there is a need to embrace our local communities to help with the selling process.  What better way to get started straight away this summer than to get stuck in to the “Join In” campaign.  Click on “Join In Campaign” above to view an excellent link which gives you a range of ideas of how your club can work closely with your community to showcase your sport.

You don’t need to do this on your own; from experience events involving a number of local clubs often attract a wider audience of people.  It may be a bit late for you to organise something this summer but it’s never too late to start planning.  I think it helps to consider any activity you organise as a form of outreach.  From a sales perspective you need to gain leads (potential new members) and then convert the leads (new members).  The more leads you can generate, it follows that the more new members you will gain (assuming your conversion rate is consistent).  Of course it is also important to retain your members too, but that is another story altogether.

Obviously these events take a lot of planning and hard work so it is essential that you spread the load, gain buy-in from members and understand exactly what you want to achieve by hosting an event of this nature.

We need to convince other members of the club that ultimately outreach is an opportunity to build your club (business) and ensure it continues to thrive and meet the needs of the local community.  So by helping them to recognise what it is you want to achieve you have a better chance of  ensuring your event meets those needs, the information you capture is relevant and your follow up is specific.  On the plus side you may even gain more support and volunteers if they understand what the event will mean for the club in the short and long term.

Good luck, happy planning!

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