Keeping Up the Momentum

Looking at the paper this morning it brought me back to thinking about yesterday’s post on the Olympic Legacy.  How can we hope to maintain any kind of momentum in driving new participants in minority sports when the press continue to promote the same mainstream sports?  So for example, if I am interested in football (which I am but let’s face it, it is the off season), cricket or the latest drugs scandal in athletics, happy days.  However if I want to find out more about the WTF World Taekwondo championships,  the Modern Pentathlon European Championships or the The FINA World Championships I need to have a dogged determination to seek out information.  Let’s face it, how many youngsters are going to know about the plethora of unusual sports happening daily around the world, let alone seek out more information?  So this brings me to the conclusion that we need to:

  1. Continue to lobby the press and tv companies to recognise that there is a demand to watch/hear about minority sports and be persistent in our approach
  2. Take every advantage to promote our sports locally to ensure parents/children have wider choices and understand what is on offer

Feedback, feedback, feedback…  unless we tell people how we feel nothing will ever change.  As the old saying goes “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”.   Henry Ford (1863-1947)

We need to tell the local paper how we feel when our club’s great success gets no coverage (that is assuming we have remembered to tell the local paper).  We need to feedback to the National Press when there is no coverage of our national championships, instead 5 pages dedicated to Premiership football.  We need to ask the BBC, ITV or Sky whether they intend to cover our sport.  Get some momentum going and let’s make our voices heard.

As for promoting our sport locally, this is a major area for all clubs and I think a new discussion will allow me to rant a bit about my personal feelings on this as well as looking at some real positives that we can all embrace.  So I will get my thinking hat on tonight and watch out for tomorrow’s post.


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